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Electric Hoist Chain 1 ton

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Electric Chain Hoist

A hoist is a device used to lift or lower the load attached to it by means of a raised wheel or a drum.
Load lifting is done by a rope or wire around the wheel or drum. Wheels or drums may use electricity for operation or in some cases may also be operated manually (chain block). In addition to drums and wires, the other integral part of the hoist is the lifting medium used.
Other media for different lifting used are chain, fiber or wire rope. The hook (hook) is also available where the load is attached.
One of the most commonly used types around the world is the Chain Hoist hoist. The commonly used type is electrically operated.
In this case the hoist type, the chain used as a lift medium. Here is a closed chain that forms a circle that eventually lifts weights. The pulleys are also attached with a hoist for lifting weights. A number of small and large pulleys are found in the chain hoists.
To increase the load, the chain must be drawn. When drawn, the large pulley attracts more chains than what is needed by the smaller side facilitating the beginning of the lifting procedure.
The work of a hoist chain can be understood from the following:
• Using teeth to multiply strength.
• A hoist chain when operated by hand requires the operator to pull a small circle chain next to it. This turns the internal gear mechanism to change the pulley chains.
• When this pulley changes, it creates a heavy chain which usually has a hook at the end going up / down.
• By pulling a small circle chain, the manual hoist is actually capable of increasing the strength being charged by the heavy chain. This is due to the gear ratio in the manual chain hoist.
• The mechanical work performed by the operator is the same as the work done by heavy lifting chains
The specified procedure can also be automated using the Hoist operated electric chain.

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